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Know it, or Blow it.

The mistakes in your estate plan are unknown until you die.

And then it’s too late to fix them.

Do you understand how your estate plan is designed to work? Can you explain the

mechanics? If not, you could throw a wrench in the plan, unknowingly. You might

never know the cost of making a change, but your intended beneficiaries will.

Let’s Talk About Estate Planning in a lively way illuminates the mechanics of how

your estate will be administered. What documents control what assets? What must

you look out for in leaving assets to a minor? Why must you consider the possibility

of “out of order” deaths?

By presenting conversations between fictional lawyer Rebecca Dalton and her

clients, or between friends, this book explains the operational mechanics of an

estate plan. Understanding these mechanics will prevent the living from

undermining the fulfillment of their own wishes.

Let’s Talk About Estate Planning also discusses managing your lawyer, the

usefulness of tabular and pictorial representations of your estate plan, and how to

ease estate administration for your heirs and beneficiaries when you are gone.

Included are a glossary and some handy websites.

Is Your Plan Current?

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